Preaching the Word of God is the part of the great commission. Preaching, Equipping and Sending is complete Great Commission.
Before Christ send His disciples He empowered them to heal and cast out demons. He then gave them various instructions about how to utilize themselves and what they should preach.. Jesus also assured them that the Spirit would give them the words to say on God’s behalf. He outlined the hardships and persecutions they may experience because of the work they were undertaking and offered encouragement for these difficult times.
Christ for All Nations Ministries has trained and sent so many servants in the field of Lord. We are equipping people in Training Workshop. Holy Bible says “ …pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth labourers into his harvest.”(Luke 10:2)
Biblical Principles Regarding Sending Disciples or Missionaries
Acts 13 and 14 set forth a number of important principles concerning sending New Testament missionaries.