Unity, Obedience, and Love are the three basic keys to open the door of Heaven.  But, unfortunately, these three elements are missing in the Churches and among their Pastors.  Rather than love, peace, and unity, Pastors are nurturing the negative attributes of jealousy, hate, and backbiting; and are busy with “leg-pulling.”  We need to evangelize the whole world, but we’re wasting too much time this way.

We have a strong and good Pastoral Network across Pakistan.  And we conduct fellowship meetings with an inter-denominational base, every month, in different parts of Pakistan.  In these fellowships, we pray for one another’s needs.  And God has blessed us all, because CAN Ministries provides the free bicycles, motor cycles, Evangelism Kits, and different evangelical resources for the extension of the Gospel.  The reason for this is that most of the Pastors are working full-time as ministers; and they have to feed their children and go into remote areas.  So we take care of their needs…because our belief is that, united we stand; and together we can win all of Pakistan for Christ.